Sunday, June 12, 2005

Fingerprints...but no messy fingers!

Last Wednesday we were fingerprinted at the INS office in downtown St. Louis. Our fingerprints will be run through the FBI database which will check for any convictions, arrests, etc. It is still possible to adopt with certain things on your record, but it can make life very difficult, and some countries are more willing to take adoptive parents with a criminal background than others. Thankfully neither of us have any criminal background of any kind!

The fingerprint scanner is really cool. For those of you who have a chance to do biometric fingerprint scans, it's great! No ink, so your fingers don't get messy, and the computer helps the INS staff make sure they get a good fingerprint. After your fingerprint is scanned, the computer program points out "problem" areas, such as areas that are too light, too dark, ridges that don't connect, etc. Thus, it will also highlight things like scars. When the program catches a problem area, the INS staff can choose to override the computer and accept the fingerprint, or retake it.

We are hoping to hear back on our application in the next 2-3 weeks. This is still just our US approval to bring an adopted child or children into the US. After our FBI check, our I-600A application will be sent to an adjudicator who will decide whether or not to approve us for international adoption. Please pray for a favorable, quick response (the favorable part is more important than the quick part!).


Missy said...

This is very funny to me, your fingerprinting experience. Our office in St. Louis has to bet fingerprinted for security clearances, but with ink and paper, the old fashioned way and we almost always have to get them done two or three times, because of all the errors. You are getting your fingerprints done for your own benefit (e.g., because you choose to) and you meet with fancy pants scanners ... but the GSA who requires others to be fingerprinted for their purposes(e.g., for thier own benefit) toils over blotches of paper. Sigh. Government.

Mark and Courtney said...

Keep in mind, we did pay $70 each for the opportunity to use those fancy scanners. :) We only had to pay $10 or $15 when they did our ink prints for our state clearance!