Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer camp and Alex

Monday when I picked the boys up, their schedule had changed and instead of going swimming they had stayed at the school and had stations (which turned out to be good because apparently I forgot to send shorts with them for after swimming!). For stations they rotate through different "stations" (clever, I know) like cooking, videos, Bible, sports, and arts and crafts.

When I picked them up, Tim and Alex were trying to explain to me what they had made in cooking. It smelled like funnel cakes, but Tim kept telling me it wasn't funnel cakes but he couldn't remember the name of what they had made.

Fast forward a few hours...right before dinner, Alex started complaining that his head hurt. I told him if he didn't feel good he could sit down on the couch or if he wanted he could go to bed. He decided to go to bed so he went upstairs to put his pajamas on. When I went up to turn his AC on and tuck him in he decided he was feeling better and came downstairs to dinner.

And then promptly went in the bathroom and threw up.

That's not unusual for him if he's dehydrated (although it usually happens in the mornings) so I didn't think much of it and he came back and sat down and ate dinner. As soon as he was finished with dinner, he said his head still hurt and asked to be excused to go to bed.

After he had left the table, Tim and I were still trying to piece together what they had made for snack at summer camp.

"You know, it's long, like this...and has cream inside?"

A Twinkie?

"Yeah! A Twinkie! And we put it in the oil, and we turned it like this and it turned brown, and then we put lots of sugar on it and ate it!"

Oh yes they did. They had fried Twinkies for snack. I started laughing so hard, because all at once it was crystal clear as to why Alex didn't feel good. They had fried Twinkies for afternoon snack and then spent the next hour and a half running around playing soccer in the gym. I'm impressed he didn't throw up earlier.

He's been fine the rest of the week, although he did tell me today that fried Twinkies aren't good for you. I'm guessing he won't be eating any more of those for awhile. ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun weekend

This weekend Mark's parents were in town and it was great to have them here. We packed as much as we could into one weekend. :)

Friday Mark had the day off so he kept the kids home so they could spend more time with their Grandma and Grandpa. They did lots of yardwork and spent lots of time snuggled on the couch reading stories. :) Friday night all of the adults went to the Muny for Cats. I had never seen it before, and while it was good it's not one of my favorites. I'm glad to have finally seen it, though.

Saturday was...wait for it ;)...base ball! Mark's dad played and then...in the last inning of the last game...I played.

Yes, you read that right.

They were short players and I told them as long as I didn't have to catch, hit, or throw I would be happy to play. I played second base. And...

I actually made an out.

We celebrated by going to Cici's Pizza. I ate an extra cinnamon roll. I figured I deserve it. It will be at least another decade before I play base ball again so I better celebrate while I can!

Sunday was church and then we went peach-picking at Eckert's. We brought home about 20 lbs of peaches, which will be canned shortly (whatever we don't eat first). Then Hometown Buffet to show Grandma and Grandpa how much the kids can eat (trust me, looking at them you would be amazed!).

Mom and Dad O are heading out tomorrow for Denver. We will all miss them and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watching for triggers

I love that I know my kids well enough to be able to see when their behavior is a result of triggers in their lives.

Danielle has been reverting to some not-so-acceptable behaviors in the past couple of weeks, and I know it's due to some changes at the preschool. Her main teacher was out on vacation last week and then her afternoon teacher broke her arm and has been in and out. Since Danielle has only been in the preschool over the summer, she doesn't know any of the substitute teachers. I think her current rotating-teacher situation is reminding her a little bit too much of the orphanage. But it's comforting to know that this is temporary and that as she goes through this and comes out the other side, it's one more way to show her that this is not an orphanage and that she is home for good. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A picture's worth a thousand words...

...especially when your drywaller covers up outlets in the bathroom and you have pictures of where the boxes actually are underneath the drywall.

And this after he decided painting is going to take too long and he wants to charge us an hourly rate ($35/hour!).


Monday, July 19, 2010

The best entertainment ever

Tim got a birthday card that plays music, and he's had a great time listening to it over...and over...and over...

The kids have been playing games with it like hide-and-seek and train (the person holding the card is the engine and when the music stops the train stops). But today the card stopped working. I suggested to Tim that maybe it needed to rest. :) :)

So he decided that it needed to rest for 10 minutes, until 5pm. He and Alex promptly went in the living room to wait for the card to finish resting (Tim actually laid down on the couch with it) while they watched the clock.

The clock in the living room is over a big arched doorway. After about 5 minutes of waiting, the boys were ready for it to be five o'clock.

So they decided they could maybe "help" the clock get to 5pm.

By jumping.

So they stood under the archway and jumped, taking turns. Then they'd look excitedly at the clock saying "Look! It moved! It's closer to five o'clock!"

Yes, they really did this for 5 WHOLE MINUTES.

Now what I want to know is if I could convince them to help "move" the clock for an hour?? :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

What HAVE we been up to?

I go back and forth with not posting because we're too busy or it seems too boring. ;)

In the past week...for the fourth of July we didn't do anything really special. We took the kids to watch the downtown fireworks from a parking garage again this year but we're thinking next year they may be ready to handle actually being downtown in the crowds and the noise. We'll see. ;)

Mark had to work on the 5th but the kids and I were off so we hung out around the house. The weeks stay busy with the kids in summer camp and preschool, plus speech once a week for Emily. So far we've been able to work things out so that the boys are not going to watch the movies that we don't feel are appropriate for them. Since Mark worked last Monday he had a day off to use so he used it to keep the boys on their movie day. They had a good time hanging out with him and still got to watch part of a movie at home, then went back to camp at lunchtime.

Mark and I have seen two shows at the Muny--Beauty and the Beast and Titanic. Beauty and the Beast was--I'm sad to say--very disappointing for me. I love the music from the Broadway version but this did not live up to it at all. There seemed to be whole parts missing from the score and it made things very weird. Usually the Muny puts on top-notch shows but this was a definite disappointment. That was somewhat made up for with Titanic. Mark and I first saw this musical in Michigan and I loved it! Here at the Muny I enjoyed it so much again. For those not familiar with the broadway version of Titanic, it is nothing like the movie...which is a good thing. :) It is such a romantic musical and knowing that it is based on history makes it a very powerful story.

This past weekend we did lots of running around. An old friend from TCU was in town for a wedding so we caught up with her and her family for a couple of hours at a local playground. It was great to get to see them again and to meet their adorable daughter.

This weekend was also Tim's birthday! He is now 7 and was very happy about his birthday. He somehow seemed to believe that everyone he met should tell him happy birthday. ;) For his birthday dinner we went to Hometown Buffet and the kids LOVED it. All they could eat and so many choices! We had some close calls, but no one got sick from overeating. LOL

I made Tim his choice of cake--a church cake that looked like our church...are my kids weird or what?--and it was dry but the icing was fantastic. I haven't liked either of the two cake recipes I've used for the boys' birthdays but this icing was a keeper. I've been eating the leftover icing by the spoonful (makes up for not eating dessert at the buffet! ;)).

Tim liked his cake but told me at church that I left off the statue (our church used to be a Catholic church and there is a statue of a saint in the front towards the top of the building). He was still happy though, because he got to eat the steeple. Weird, I tell you...just weird.

And we've been over to the dirty house a couple of times cleaning out drywall. The kids love to help carry the drywall to the dumpster. Danielle was actually begging to get to go again so she could carry more drywall to the dumpster. Silly girl. They like being able to point out how strong they are, and they try to see how many pieces they can carry at a time.

In dirty house news...all of the drywall is done! Taping and mudding starts this week and the electrician will be out next week. We should have AC in the next couple of weeks which will be great!

Friday, July 02, 2010


Our bedwetter is back in pullups.

At the end of the school year I was flat-out exhausted, and only sleeping in 3-4 hours chunks was not helping. Since we seemed to be at a standstill with the BW alarm and had a good supply of pullups left, we decided to go back to the pullups for the summer and try again in the fall. This will let our BW's body have a chance to grow a little bit more and give all of us a break from the interrupted sleep. :)

At first when we went back to the pullups, the BW was staying dry quite a bit. But then he started being wet a lot more. After Mark questioned him about it he confessed that he was not bothering to get up and go to the bathroom because he could just pee in his pullup.

After a little notification that when these pullups are gone we will not be buying anymore and he will be back to changing his sheets in the morning, he has miraculously been dry nearly every night...and has been getting up to go to the bathroom during the night!

Amazing what a little motivation will do...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Progressing fast

In the span of a couple of days, the dirty house went from this...

to this...

and from this...
to this...It's amazing what a difference a little drywall can make!