Monday, September 19, 2005


Yes, I know, excellent English for my title. :) We now have our social worker's license and all of our documents! They will all get notarized tomorrow evening, and Mark will be taking them downtown for the infamous apostilling on either Wednesday or Friday. What does this mean, you ask? Our documents will be heading to Ukraine this week!! Thus, our "woohoo" as a title. It will be even a bigger "woohoo" when they're actually sent off. ;)

We have switched facilitators. This really is a matter of little consequence in the big scheme of things, but we have been praying about this a lot and feel very comfortable with our decision. Oftentimes, adoptive parents switch facilitators because they've been swindled in some way, and they are now out some money with no child in sight. This is most definitely NOT the case for us. We were very happy with our previous facilitators, but due to some circumstances they were not able to assist us at this point in time. Our new facilitator is a Christian man located in Ukraine who comes VERY highly recommended from numerous adoptive families. Our cost should end up being very similar (possibly even cheaper!).

Thanks for all of your prayers!! We will post again when all of our documents have been sent. :)


Missy said...

That is such great news, you guys! Congratulations!!!

Diane said...

Woohoo is a severe understatement!!!