Friday, April 28, 2006

Home visit, take two

Our home visit with our new social worker was absolutely wonderful! She is also an adoptive parent and so understands a lot about the process and the emotional ups and downs. We're very excited to be working with her through the rest of our adoption process.

On a completely different note, I've been hesitant about posting this for a number of reasons, but I think it's something people should be aware of. There is a photographer who spent some time near Chernobyl photographing some of the people affected by the disaster 20 years ago. The subtitles are not in English, but the audio is. I will say that this is very graphic (not violent), and I would not recommend watching this with young children.

Chernobyl photoessay

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Jamie said...

My dad is leading a group to Ukraine again next week and there's a possibility they may visit one of the "Chernobyl hospitals" where the people (mostly kids) have been affected by the fallout are staying. Sad stuff.