Thursday, May 25, 2006

I promise not to make you cry again...

I probably shouldn't promise that so early in the game. How about I promise not to make you cry for a I was going to say months, but then I thought I might have something sweet to share, and I don't want to get in trouble for breaking any promises.

The newest rumors: The new SDA is supposed to open up June 24--yes, that would be the same SDA who was supposed to open up the beginning of May. What can you say about governments? I hate to destroy the hopes of some of you out there, but the opening of the SDA doesn't really mean a whole lot for us. One of my coworkers heard they were opening late June and said "oh, so you could have kids by July!". Ummm, no. Aim for December, maybe February and you're probably closer. Unless of course you mean July 2007. ;)

There are at least 600 dossiers already registered with the old NAC being transferred to the new SDA. That equates to 600 families waiting to get appointment dates, all ahead of us. It's going to be awhile. But don't give up hope. There might be a small loophole we can squeeze through. Currently, it appears that when the SDA opens, they will have the same restrictions on US families as before the NAC shut down--namely, the only children allowed to be adopted by US citizens are those over the age of 10, siblings of children you have already adopted, and special needs kids. If true, those of the 600 requesting young, healthy children may not get appointments (this is only speculation). We're still open to adopting special needs kids, and have a couple of special needs that are near and dear to our hearts for a variety of reasons. So we'll see. No guarantees on when we'll succeed, but we're not giving up.

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adoptedthree said...


When I saw Oksana's profile at the NAC for special needs there were other files available that included siblings, with one child SN while the other was healthy for example. I cannot tell you what types of diagnosis the children might have had because I did not want two children. Since you were possibly thinking SN this might be an option for you. Feel free to contact me for further info.