Friday, February 16, 2007

Punxsutawney Phil must have been confused

I started this post two days ago...can you tell it's been a busy week??

From Wednesday:
Yesterday it snowed, and currently we have sunshine with 6" of snow on the ground. Not much of an early spring if you ask me. :)

This past weekend was quite the busy one with three dinner parties! Friday night we had dinner with some of Mark's classmates. Delicious food and wonderful was great! Saturday we went to a potluck dinner for WUSPA. In the process we were treated to an impromptu concert by our host and hostess who are from Japan. Toshiko played a few songs for us on the koto, and then she had her husband played duets on the piano and flute. It was wonderful and so much fun! Then Mark and I spent about an hour talking to a physical therapist (physiotherapist in Europe) from Bordeaux, France. Sunday was an impromptu dinner with friends/neighbors. It was great to get to fellowship with so many different people over the weekend!

From today:
I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment Tuesday afternoon for my physical (update for the adoption). However, we had a winter storm move into the area on Tuesday and St. Louis pretty much shut down, including my doctor's office and my work. So my doctor's appointment was today. The usual round of tests...HIV, syphilis, basic drug screen, and TB. I'm still apparently healthy, and even though I'd like to lose about 10 lbs (15 would be fantastic, but I'm not pushing it ;) ), the LPN said my weight is good for my height, and actually cautioned me against trying to lose too much weight. It's not that I'm overweight so much as I want to be in better shape. More muscle, less fat. Of course, that probably entails less chocolate, and since Valentine's candy went 50% off yesterday... ;)

Oh, and for all of you SPTs out there--your instructors are right! ;) My height was 5'5.5" at my doctor's appt!! I've grown an inch and it's all from Pilates! LOL

I'm having a harder time with this round of adoption updates than before. I still want to complete the adoption as much as ever(!), but I HATE looking at our timelines. I made an excel spreadsheet for all of our documents so I could keep track of when everything expires, and a timeline with costs so we could keep track of how much we've spent. It hurts so much to see how long we've been doing this with no end in sight. It's funny, because I wouldn't think you could miss something you've never had. You can yearn after it, and desire it, but I actually miss our children--which we don't have. I can't explain it, but it might make sense to other PAPs and adoptive parents, especially ones who have relied on adoption for all of their children. Anyway, I'm not so much discouraged or frustrated as I am sad that we are missing out on time with our kids, and they are missing out on time with us.

I don't want to leave you on a sad note, because we're not really sad like that. I spent the morning quite joyful and content in the knowledge that God is God. :) And in the knowledge that in one week we are leaving for Mexico for vacation. :) :) :)


Julie said...

OK, two things...

Can you really grow and inch from pilate?! If so, I'll keep at it! I could use the extra height.

Your posts make make cry sometimes. I truly have no idea what you're feeling, but I can guess and put myself in your place. What would we do without God? He offers hope and comfort when we don't know what to do.

Tonya said...

((((quaaaaack)))) right back at 'cha:):):)

Tonya said...

Courtney! Have you heard anything about your dossier? I am assuming that you are still in Mexico. I am on pins and needles and I am tempted to e-mail K to but into your business:):):)