Friday, March 07, 2008

More school

The last two days of school went really well. Zhenya's still a little nervous about going into his classroom (it's pretty overwhelming since he walks in and gets bombarded by little boys wanting to play with him!) but he's made a new friend (Cole). Today when I picked Zhenya up, Cole was out in the hall (in trouble) and as we were leaving he told me that Zhenya talked to him in class today. So I know Zhenya's becoming more comfortable and when we started talking about school tonight I mentioned Cole and his face brightened.

Today, Dima had a field trip and got to ride a BUS!! If you know the boys, you would understand that this is HUGE. It'd be something like getting to ride in the space shuttle for the rest of us. In fact, when he went to bed tonight he asked me if he was going on a bus again at school. Sadly, I had to tell him no, but that is he going on a field trip to the library on Monday. :) Both of the boys are excited to go to school again and I think as Zhenya gets to know the other kids better he'll be more comfortable. Dima's class is smaller than Zhenya's so he is already getting to know the other kids pretty well. Of course, being able to speak English would help both of them. ;)

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Julie said...

I'm so glad that school is going so well for the boys... and for you too! That's such a huge transition and you guys are going through it with ease!

Just the opposite on our end lately :) We're all looking forward to this school year being over.