Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day weekend

We traveled to Ohio for the Ohio Cup vintage base ball festival this weekend. The kids were looking forward to it as they love staying in hotels (there's a pool!) and the hotel has a happy hour and they get popcorn.

I should say something about the joy of being young, but truth be told I was looking forward to the pool and popcorn too. ;)

And no laundry and no cooking and no cleaning and...sorry, I digress. :)

We drove up Friday night and first thing Saturday morning--we hadn't been at the base ball field even 5 minutes--Tim fell down concrete steps and split his chin open. After some discussion, we decided not to take him for stitches and so far it's healing nicely.

The kids and I spent Saturday afternoon at the pool (yes, I spent the afternoon with 4 kids who can't swim) and then met up with Mark and his brother Paul for the Saturday evening base ball potluck. It was great to see so many friends that we usually only see once a year, and others we haven't seen as much as usual because we added another St Louis base ball team this year.

Sunday was more base ball (and more swimming! and more popcorn!) and we drove back yesterday after dropping Paul off at the airport. The drive home was spent on homework since I was a very bad mom and forgot to have the boys do their assignments over the weekend.

There was all that swimming, you know. Hard to fit schoolwork in around that. :) :)

Other than Tim's little adventure, the weekend was pretty calm and much easier this year than last (when the girls had only been home 4 months!).

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