Saturday, July 23, 2011

No puking today

...and his work is done.

I was a very, very mean mama this morning. I do know of a few things that tend to motivate Alex, one of which is playing outside. Because it's been so hot lately we haven't been outside much. So this morning I told the kids they could take the bikes and play out front, which is a huge deal around here. Amazingly enough, Alex managed to get his folder erased within 30 minutes and then started on his work. He did not finish in time to go outside (I had to make the kids come in--they were drenched with sweat and it was getting pretty hot outside before he finished) but he did get to play.

We seem to be making progress on him doing his work diligently slowly but surely. At this point, I'll take any progress at all!


Missy and Kevin said...

I have this same problem with Deonna. She would sit for hours and hours doing paperwork even when it is something that is simple. I use one word..stubborn. But, I let her sit until it is finished and eventually, she gets it done. It drives me crazy, though. Good luck to you. Let me know if you have any ideas. Great to know the kids are doing great!

Nancy Soderstrom said...

Hey Courtney,
I've had issues with a few of my kids with the "overwhelmed with the page" syndrome. It's all a mind game, and we both know it. However, one thing that might work is to cover his questions with little post-it notes. For each one he peels off and answers, he gets to add it to a "point" bank (with a reasonable time limit when the points expire). Looking at the entire page can easily overwhelm certain personalities. While I'm not a big advocate of catering to my kid's weakness, this seems to be more of a tactic in breaking down big tasks into individual tasks, with a reward at the end of each completed question. Might be worth a try... I'll be praying for your grand adventure. There's nothing like homeschooling to keep you on your face before the Lord!!