Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tim is getting married

The three oldest kids have Bible verses for their handwriting every day. Right now we are going through the Christmas story in Luke. I had the following conversation with Tim.

Tim: "What does 'pledged' mean?"
Me: "Engaged. That they are going to be married but they aren't married yet."
Tim: "When were they going to be married?"
Me: "I don't know."
Tim: "Can people get married in Bethlehem?"
Me: "Yes, people can get married in Bethlehem."
Tim: "I can't get married in Bethlehem, can I?"
Me: "Yes, if you want to get married in Bethlehem I think you could get married there."
Tim: "Maybe I'll get married in Bethlehem. But I'll have to ask my wife."
Tim: "I think I'll let her decide."
Me: "That's probably a good plan." (at this point I was trying really hard to contain my laughter)
Tim: "But we can't get married yet. We'll get married when we're older."

He was very serious about all of this. It's a good thing he hasn't found anyone to be his wife yet!


Jill said...

That is SO cute! :D

Hevel said...

If the topic ever comes up again, the answer is unless he and hisnfuture wife are both members of a handful of denominations that can perform marriages in Israel, he can't get married in Bethlehem. Since now the PAbis in control of the city, mostly Muslim weddings take place there, and the remaining Christians often marry elsewhere. He could definitely have a wedding reception there though!