Monday, April 16, 2012

I have a cold

...but my antibiotics have cleared my previous infections up nicely. This has been quite the month. I think I felt good the first few days and not since then. It's not that I feel terrible, just run down and ready to be healthy again!

We took Danielle's first (okay, second) set of casts off tonight and she gets the next set tomorrow. Then only one more set. She's also getting casted tomorrow for AFOs (ankle foot orthotics) to wear at night to help keep her stretched. She has tolerated the casts GREAT! She calls them her boots and thinks they're cool. I honestly expected a lot of drama over them but we really talked them up beforehand. And since she's not missing out on any activities she's pretty content. I will be very glad to get the serial casting done before it gets hot and we're trying to go swimming.

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