Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A time for praise

We have our 171-H! We have actually known that we were approved since last Wednesday, when we called to find out our status. However, we were hesitant in posting until we actually had the papers in our hands. :) We have officially been approved by the US Government to adopt 2 children internationally. So what's next??

A mad scramble to get together lots of paperwork! We are being fingerprinted today to have our state background check done (again). Our first ones were done in February, and there is a good chance they would expire before we travel. If anything expires before the adoption is complete, you cannot complete the adoption, so we have to make sure that we have as long as possible on all of our paperwork. This is why our facilitators didn't want us to get any of our dossier paperwork put together until we had our 171-H. So we will be fingerprinted today, and Missouri has changed their procedures, so we will NOT have to drive to Jefferson City! :) We will have fingerprints done here and they will be sent to the state records division electronically. They will then send our background check to us within 5 business days. This is a big improvement over how the process used to work. Mark needs to get his physical done, Courtney needs to pick up copies of her doctor's license from her physical, we both need to get employment letters, and get a certified copy of our marriage license. Then our paperwork (including documents not mentioned here that just involve our request to adopt) will all be notarized and apostilled and we will send it (our dossier) to Ukraine!

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his wife, her mama said...

Hi Mark and Courtney!

Praise the Lord! I haven't taken the time since returning from vacation to read your blog. Since Ivie has become so mobile, things just aren't the same around here! What a wonderful thing to read today! We are so excitied that you have received your US approval! We so much enjoyed seeing you both while in the St. Louis area.