Thursday, August 18, 2005

To the Lone Star State

Yesterday we sent off our documents for a certified copy of our marriage license from Texas. This was actually a much bigger logistical work than you would think! *laugh* We were married in Fort Worth, Texas, and so must request a certified copy of our marriage license from Tarrant County. But in order to get our marriage license apostilled, it must go to Austin. We had two options for how to do this: 1. We could request our certified marriage license, receive it here, and then turn around and send it to Austin, or 2. We could send our request for our marriage license with a request that they send it on to Austin, who would then send it on to us. Hoping to cut down on time and after calling and verifying that Tarrant County would do this, we sent an envelope inside an envelope inside an envelope to Texas yesterday. Each request required its own letter/form and a money order, so hopefully we got the right documents in the right envelopes! Please pray that our request would get to Texas in a reasonable amount of time and that it would make it from Ft. Worth to Austin to us with everything done correctly. Texas was fantastic about getting our certified copies of our marriage license to us for our home study, so we don't anticipate any problems, but extra prayer is always welcome!

And on the note of irony, Courtney had to get a physical for work yesterday. This is her third physical since February! You'd think people could just look at the previous one and see that she is healthy, but each one requires something slightly different. Amazing the amount of paperwork one person has generated with getting so many physicals!

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