Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In Ukraine

Our dossier has been delivered to our facilitator in Ukraine! Thanks for your many prayers! Not only has it arrived, but it has been looked over by our facilitator and they did not find any immediate errors or omissions. In fact, they said we did a good job getting all of our documents together! :) They will let us know if they turn up any problems as they go through the translations.

It sounds silly to be so excited over our documents being "okay", but there really are a lot of documents and they are supposed to be done the way the NAC wants them done. Exactly. Word for word. It's not difficult, just time-consuming and mind-boggling trying to keep track of all the details, and trying to get others to pay attention to the details. We felt bad being so picky with wording on employment letters and medical forms, but to us it's better to have us be picky once than for us to come back over and over again trying to get it right!

Prayer requests for the day: at last count, 350 children in Ukraine have fallen ill due to a bacteria in kefir, which is a dairy product (sort of like thin sour cream or yogurt). From what we understand, this includes some children in the orphanages. Not only are they ill, but there is no one to hold them and cuddle them when they are so sick (4 of the children were in critical condition in the hospital). Please pray that volunteers would step up to help love these children and care for them as they are ill. Please pray that God would help them know how much He loves them, and how He has not forgotten a single one. Please also continue to pray for our paperwork, that it would be easy to translate and without problems.

Let the translations commence!

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Katie said...

I was at the dentist this morning, and my hygienist adopted a little boy from the Ukraine - I told her about you guys and she got all chatty and smiley - it's clear she loves her son a LOT. It just made me think about you both and how lucky those kid(s) are going to be to have you as parents!