Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wallpaper and paint

Yesterday we picked up our special order wallpaper and taped a few inches to the wall in the kids' bedroom. We're having a hard time deciding on paint colors. If we match the border, the paint will be pretty dark, so we've taped up paint color chips to the wall above and below the border to help us decide. We'd like to get it painted soon--while we can still have the windows open while we paint!

We have finished all of our documents--apostilles and all--and will be shipping them on Monday. We've also scanned all of them in, so we can send them to our facilitator and he can start working on the translations. You can pray for our facilitator and his job translating...our home study alone is 6 pages of pure text! Add into that letters from the government, doctors, and employers, and you begin to realize what a monumental task it is to translate all of this. Everything that is translated also has to be notarized in Ukraine, which our facilitator will take and have done after he has translated everything. Only then can it be submitted to the NAC (when they reopen).

The NAC has closed and reopened before, and probably will in the future as well. We are not in the least bit worried and will wait it out as long as we need to. It is very common for countries to shut down international adoptions for short times due to different situations. China was shut down for a few months last year with the bird flu and SARS. Ukraine was shut down when they had their most recent presidential elections and all of the turmoil that went with them. The worst that can happen is we will need to redo some documents and send them over. The most expensive part of our documents (our homestudy) will only need to be updated if it expires and there will be a nominal fee to do that.

Thanks to all of you for sharing in our long journey and showering us with your prayers. We know they have made a difference in our outlook on everything that has happened and will happen. We will all learn patience together! :)

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