Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life is a rainbow

Our power is back on (as of Saturday evening) but I kind of liked having it out. :) I think I'd be good with no power except for the washing machine. I've never done laundry by hand although I'm sure I could learn if it were necessary.

Some of us in the neighborhood spent a few hours on Saturday clearing trees out of our alleys. The power companies wouldn't restore power until the trees were taken care of, and the tree companies wouldn't remove the trees until the downed lines were taken care of. *sigh* So we took matters into our own hands. I now know how to disassemble and reassemble a chain saw. :) Never know when that might come in handy. And a special thanks to the gents from Empire Electric in southern Missouri who were up helping to restore power. After a lot of work on their part, power was restored to most of our neighborhood. You should have heard the cheering in the streets. :)

Today on the way to work it was thinking about raining, and we saw a beautiful rainbow. I love rainbows. I know how they work, and I think it's amazing that God would be interested in making light split into different wavelengths (colors) to make this beautiful arc across the sky. For no other reason than to allow us to see it. How cool is that? As you can see from the bottom picture, it was even a double rainbow!


Julie said...

Yippy for your power! I'm glad that you were able to appreciate that time. Many would have been agrivated.

Love the rainbow!

kristi said...

keep up the blogging! i enjoy keeping up on you all! i just wanted to say that washing laundry by hand is not so much fun-i've done it a lot!!! we did it all in mexico this summer. i don't think i'm very good at it though . . =)

kristi (and mike) m.

Katie said...

that's an amazing picture - it's so good to be reminded of His faithfulness!!

Tonya said...

A chainsaw, eh? You need to move a little further south, girl. You'd fit right in:):):)