Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fun times

We had a great time this weekend with J and J from Kansas City! It's great to have friends who can drop by and hang out, even if it's not for very long. I hope we convinced them that despite St Louis' recent media coverage (that would refer to the most dangerous city coverage, not the World Series coverage) that this is truly a great city. We had a fun dinner Friday night and then went to the Arch, Blueberry Hill, and the Science Center on Saturday. There's a lot more we want to show them (especially the City Museum!) so we're hoping they can come back soon. Hopefully we didn't wear them out on their weekend getaway to relax. :)

Mark has started singing with the choir at church, but tonight instead of going to rehearsal I'm stealing him away to go to a Blues game! Periodically at work they offer up tickets to local events. Yesterday they offered up St Louis Blues (hockey) tickets for tonight and I was one of the winners of the drawing, so we'll be in one of the club suites tonight. It's nice to get spoiled every once in a while, especially since we could never actually afford these seats. :)

Election day...well, it's probably not in my best interests to discuss it on the blog, but I will say a special CONGRATULATIONS to my dad who won his election! He has held his position since 1973 (before I was born!), and if I calculated correctly this is his 10th election (I may be off by one). Congratulations, Dad! :)


Waitingonmyua2 said...

1973 is before you were born? Gosh do I feel old all of a sudden. LOL Thanks for commenting on my blog. I was starting to worry that no one would. Say, we're about 3 hrs. from KC. Maybe we can all meet up there one day and have lunch together! Sorry to hear you're facing round #3 of medicals. We just got #2 round done last month and we're healthy too -- just OLD! LOL Hugs, Beth

jimmy said...

J and J had fun times in StLouie

Arch pics are found on my blog -- if you have time for my blog