Friday, November 17, 2006

How easily it goes...

We have officially reapplied for our I171H (US approval to bring a foreign orphan here) and gave them all of our documents plus a hefty chunk of change. Actually, if it had all been change, there's no way we could have picked it's that hefty. :) Filing the I600A (the form you file to get the 171H) is the second most expensive part of our adoption, not including travel. Having to do it twice is not so much fun, but you do what you have to do. :) The funny part was this conversation:

Me: "Do you know about how long it's taking to process these?"
BCIS guy: "Well, we put a priority on these, so I'd say about 10 weeks."

I had the hardest time not laughing. That's a priority?? Two and a half months?!?! I'd hate to see what happens if they're running slow. :)

But the good thing is that we were able to submit, which we thought might be a problem since our old one hasn't expired yet. If it really takes 10 weeks we can expect our new approval the week our old one expires. How's that for timing??

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