Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This weekend we went down to my mom's house to help fix her fence. In the very bad ice storms last winter, several of her trees (or pieces of trees) fell and knocked out sections of her fence. She hired a guy to fix it who started fixing it and hasn't been able to complete it. So we went down this weekend and fixed it with my sister and her boyfriend. We also moved my sister's stuff out of storage, visited with family, and ate at all of the places on our list. :) We were there less than 48 hours but we got so much accomplished. I should have taken pics of the finished fence--it made her yard look so nice!

We have officially started the house planning. Yesterday we bought appliances for the first time ever. When we bought our house in Michigan the appliances were included and we sold it the same way. So we are now the proud owners of a refrigerator and range! We got an amazing deal on the refrigerator--it was supposed to be almost $700, and we got it for under $400. It's exactly what we were looking for--even Energy Star compliant. The stove matches and was also on sale for the holiday weekend. Gotta love Lowe's. ;) We are also (tonight) going to be the recipients of a beautiful clothes dryer. We are being given a dryer by someone in our church who no longer needs it, and it is a very new fancy-schmancy one with lots of dials and buttons. I'm going to be afraid to use it! But I am very grateful that they thought of us. God is truly providing in wonderful ways for this new house.

Yesterday we had dinner with Scott and Heather. They will be moving to Las Vegas shortly courtesy of the Air Force and we aren't following them this time! We met Scott and Heather in Michigan and have had the joy of watching them go from a couple to a couple with two adorable girls. We are going to miss them a lot, but are hoping we can catch a few cheap flights out to Vegas to visit.

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