Wednesday, July 11, 2007


While it is always slightly painful when I hear of dossiers being submitted, I hold onto the hope that ours will be submitted someday too. But today I got an especially big ouch. A family that started their initial adoption process from Ukraine about the same time we did (Feb 2005) adopted two little girls last year. They have just submitted another dossier to adopt a fourth child (they already have one son who was adopted a few years ago). I am excited for them, but to know people who are going to complete two adoptions in the time that we can't even complete one is really hard.

Our dossier is still in Ukraine waiting to be submitted. Prayers for its quick submission and acceptance are much appreciated.


Tami said...

We're praying it will be submitted soon.

Tonya said...

I know it's rough, but hang in there. One day you will be sitting in your living room reading your kids a book and it will hit you that 6 months just went by like a flash. It's the theory of relativity. Right now, it's dragging and you wish it would speed up. In a short while, it will be flying and you'll wish it would slow down:).

A big hug is headed your way!!! I can't *wait* to hear the news "our dossier has been submitted!" from you!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. It's hard to wait and see people come home with their children, when you've been waiting so long. Just remember, it's all God's timing! He knows what child is yours! Just think.. He or She may not be adoptable yet. When your child is ready to come home, God will send you to pick them up!

DoveFamily said...

I've been reading your blog for a while but not sure if I've ever commented or not. (My husband and I are also 'in line' at the SDA.)

It is definitely frustrating to hear about people who just breeze through and get an appointment in now time, while the rest of us are left to wait! We haven't been in process nearly as long as you guys, and I'm about ready to stand on my head :)

Just remember that God has your child picked out for your already, and He will see to it that you get to the SDA at exactly the right time to bring your little one home!

Praying for you two... and all the families that are waiting!

Jennifer Dove

Jane said...

I can't imagine how long this must feel to you, we felt like it took forever and we were only in process for 20 months. Still, I can lend you the Chubyenkos for a few days if you want some practice. That'll make you grateful for the time to work on the house!!!

Julie said...

Courtney, I just met Michelle and she lives in Ukraine. She's visiting Lansing right now with my father-in-law and his ministry. I think you should email her and talk about connections.

adoptedthree said...

Connections have always been very big and still are in the Ukraine process! Your time will come and you will be so very happy!