Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekly update (I had hoped for maybe every other day)

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! I don't know where the time goes. In part, I know it went to the cold that Mark was kind enough to share with me last week. It really wasn't a horribly bad cold, but enough that I did stay home one day last week (a fuzzy head and toxic chemicals don't mix) and was a little out of it the rest of the week.

Last Friday we saw Peter Pan at the Muny, which was good but a little weird because it was an older guy playing Peter Pan, and he was probably 6' tall. So it was a little disorienting to see a man as Peter Pan. But overall very enjoyable and beautiful weather--it was actually a bit chilly!

This past Tuesday was our second-to-last band concert with the University City band. Apparently the Meramec community band starts up sometime in August and we'll be playing with them as well. We met the new band director Tuesday night and it looks like he's going to be a lot of fun--lots of energy! One of the other band directors described him as a "live wire". :)

We've found an architect for the new house and they came out on Tuesday and did measurements. As soon as they've got it all in the computer we'll set up a time to go plan our house!

Tuesday was also the day of the medical tests for our updated medical forms for Ukraine. Everything went off without a hitch (so far), and we go in today to have our TB tests read (I'd say negative since you can't even see where they injected it) and drop off the forms. We requested that the forms be signed on Monday since they should have all the blood results by then and the notary will be there that day. So far so good. :)

Please pray for my friend Beth who is stuck in Ukraine with her kids. They've completed their adoption, but there is a problem with getting passports right now in Ukraine and so they can't go home. Her husband has already come home so she is alone in Ukraine with the kids. It's a great bonding time for them but she'd really like to get home, so prayers for quick passports would be great.


Jane said...

I saw Beth and Steve's post about the passports. It brought back memories of when Sam was in Ukraine with Ben for 6 weeks before he got one!!!! Do they live in St Louis, or do you just know them over the internet

Mark and Courtney said...

Beth and Steve live in KS, and I originally met them through the internet (Yahoo group). But last Christmas we drove to Denver to visit Mark's family and we had lunch with Beth and Steve, so we've actually met them too! :)