Sunday, January 27, 2008

The other pincushion

Zhenya didn't do quite as well as Dima with the shots. He was pretty unhappy by the 8th one, although he still didn't cry. Both of the boys are low on the growth charts--in fact, Dima (at 5.5 yo) is off the low end of the charts in both weight and height. Zhenya (at 4.5 yo) is at the 25th percentile for height and 10th percentile for weight. Because they are very proportional, the doctor isn't concerned about their physical delays. He felt like their attachment was proceeding very well and desn't anticipate us having any attachment disorders, which was good to hear from someone who has worked with a lot of adoptive parents (with children with delays). We're still working on setting up an appointment with the adoption clinic at St Louis Children's Hospital. They will do a more comprehensive evaluation of the boys' motor skills as well as hearing and behavioral tests.

The weekend was great with some warmer weather, and one of the boys' babushkas (grandmothers) came up to visit. They enjoyed the time with her, and I think she enjoyed watching their first attempts at baseball. I wish I could have videotaped, but I was pitching (which would have been worth videotaping as well). Let's just say the boys aren't necessarily naturals, but they certainly had a lot of fun!


April said...

Hi! I've been following your blog & I am so happy for your family! Your boys are adorable! When I read about your boys being so low in the percentiles it made me giggle... my youngest son (biological) eats like a horse, but is also off the chart (below) for his age. He's 5 years old & weigh's in the 30's. I guess it's not completely the same, because he has always had a lot to eat and it is just genetics that makes him so small, but I wanted to let you know not to worry too much. Your boys look healthy & happy and I think that is what matters the most! p.s. I love the pictures of of their skinny naked chests - just like my boys! I love it! :)

Nataliya said...

8 shots? Poor little ones!

Don't worry about the percentiles! Dima and Zhenya look very healthy, and that's more important than charts!