Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First days

School has started, albeit sporadically. :)

The boys started in 2nd and 1st grade and had full days of school last Thursday and Friday. The girls (both in kindergarten) had orientation on Thursday and a half day on Friday, so I really consider Monday their first day of school.

So far, we're not seeing anything unexpected. And yeah, that last sentence just made me laugh out loud. :)

Alex is working on control (of his teacher, not himself) and we've given her some thoughts on dealing with that. Nothing major, but stuff he knows better about and just has to test at the beginning of school. Monday he came home with his memory Bible verse for the week and he's already recited it to me (from memory) two days in a row. Tim is a little freaked out about 1st grade as he's realizing he was pretty much allowed to coast through kindergarten and now he's actually going to have to work. I really like his teacher and she'll be great for him. Danielle's behavior has actually been way better than I expected (or her teacher is holding out on us). She's loving being in kindergarten. Emily is pushing every button she can trying to figure out this kindergarten thing. She's being pretty defiant and if it keeps up we'll have no choice but to put her back into preschool. Thankfully she's not acting out at all, just not doing what she's asked to do. As in her teacher says tells her table to stand up and she sits there and looks at her while everyone else gets up. :) Her teacher has 16 kids and I'm not going to prevent them from having a good kindergarten year just because our daughter is causing problems. We'll see if she can manage to settle down. She really wants to be in the big school, not the preschool, so we're using that as leverage.

Danielle's first few days of ankle therapy have gone well. She goes on Monday mornings before school and then Tuesday and Friday after school. Coupled with Emily's speech on Thursdays after school and we've managed to pack a lot into the week. Thankfully, Danielle's therapy is in a place that is quiet with no one else around so the boys can get their homework done there (and Emily if she has any). The ankle therapy is only about 45 minutes so we can still be home by 5 and have dinner by 5:30 (if I've planned ahead ;)).

So far so good. By the end of this week I think we'll be pretty well settled into the new routine. One day at a time!


MoserUpdates said...

I'm really interested in Danielle's ankle therapy. Eli has good range now in his ankles but still walks on his toes a little while his braces are off (which has been most of the summer!) Have you seen good improvement yet? How long has she been going?

Courtney said...

N, she just started this week, so she's had two sessions. She enjoys doing it, which is good. :) We'll see how she feels after 12 weeks of it! The theory is that by strengthening the ankles the kids will have better support and increased ability to walk on their toes because the ankles will be strong enough to help pull the toes up and have the heel down first. I *think* I'm seeing improvement but after two sessions I think that's probably wishful thinking on my part. :) I will definitely keep the blog updated with the study, though.