Saturday, September 18, 2010

Caught in the act

Tim still hasn't quite figured out how to lie and get away with it...

"Tim, did you close the door?"
"No, Emily did it first!"
"So Emily closed the door and then you closed the door?"
"Ummm...well...Emily did it first!"


"Did you not hear me call you?"
"I didn't hear you till the third time."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Reece's Rainbow--While We Wait

I don't share a lot of what's on or in my heart on here, but Reece's Rainbow is definitely a big part of my heart, and I know that because of the amount of time I spend on it. :)

Shortly after the girls came home, I asked how I could help with RR. I quickly became involved in some administrative work and then took over our Monday night chats for families in the process of adopting from Ukraine. I now create dossier documents for families adopting from Ukraine. I love it (although the new Office is giving me fits with the changes to my mail merge!) and I love that I get to help families bring their children home...and especially knowing that so many children who would have been left to die will now have a mama and a papa to take care of them.

So you can understand a little as to why I feel it's important to share the following blog post, taken from the RR blog.


While we wait

While we wait for the perfect timing...

they hope they can wait another day.

While we wait for more money...

they wait with nothing.

While we wait for a bigger home with enough room...

they wait for room in our hearts.

While we wait for others approval...

they wait with any dignity they can find.

While we wait for the ideal child....

they wait knowing they are not.

While we wait trying to decide if we can manage another...

they wait trying to manage on their own.

While we wait to see how much we have to give to them...

They are waiting to give us even more.
While we wait for God to provide...

He waits for us to take the first step so He can.

We must NEVER use 'waiting to hear from Him' as an excuse for not doing what He has ALREADY commanded in the bible for us to do... proclaim the truth, care for orphans, serve others, be His hands of justice for the poor, and show compassion.
(James 1v27)

So, what are you waiting for??

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day weekend

We traveled to Ohio for the Ohio Cup vintage base ball festival this weekend. The kids were looking forward to it as they love staying in hotels (there's a pool!) and the hotel has a happy hour and they get popcorn.

I should say something about the joy of being young, but truth be told I was looking forward to the pool and popcorn too. ;)

And no laundry and no cooking and no cleaning and...sorry, I digress. :)

We drove up Friday night and first thing Saturday morning--we hadn't been at the base ball field even 5 minutes--Tim fell down concrete steps and split his chin open. After some discussion, we decided not to take him for stitches and so far it's healing nicely.

The kids and I spent Saturday afternoon at the pool (yes, I spent the afternoon with 4 kids who can't swim) and then met up with Mark and his brother Paul for the Saturday evening base ball potluck. It was great to see so many friends that we usually only see once a year, and others we haven't seen as much as usual because we added another St Louis base ball team this year.

Sunday was more base ball (and more swimming! and more popcorn!) and we drove back yesterday after dropping Paul off at the airport. The drive home was spent on homework since I was a very bad mom and forgot to have the boys do their assignments over the weekend.

There was all that swimming, you know. Hard to fit schoolwork in around that. :) :)

Other than Tim's little adventure, the weekend was pretty calm and much easier this year than last (when the girls had only been home 4 months!).

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bible verse of the week

Emily's Bible verse this week was "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved." Acts 16:31.

Her version went like this:

" Lord Jesus Christ...and you shall...BEHAVE."

Who knew legalism started so young? ;)