Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I have six kids, two of whom have been home for a little under 3 months. Obviously we're still working on adjusting, discipline...all kinds of things.

In addition to those six, we have another little girl, R, who is 20 months. She comes and visits us every day while her mom and dad work.

Yesterday, a fellow mom at church put out an emergency plea. She needed someone to watch her 3-year-old daughter for the day. Guess who volunteered?? :)

Today's schedule:

Get kids up, dressed, and fed (thankfully Mark does breakfast!)
R arrived
Schoolwork until 8:30
Bathrooms and load 7 kids into the van
Arrive for speech at 9am
Drop Emily off and then take Alex, Tim, and Danielle to the sibling playroom
Take Julia, Bianca, and R to the labs for another blood draw and TB test for Julia
Run upstairs to get Emily before the TB test because her speech is done
Take J, B, R, and E back down to the lab for the TB test
Pick up A, T, and D from the playroom
Drive home to meet A (the 3-year-old) who spent the rest of the day with us

So I had eight kids ages 8 and under today. What can I say...I'm a glutton for punishment. There were a few times where I looked out the window just to remind myself that there was something outside of where I was. :) But overall it was a really good day! I even managed to vacuum, get dinner started, and do two loads of laundry. It's always a good day if everyone eats and has clean clothes. :)


Molly said...

That's definitely the best kind of gluttony though! You've got a great heart Courtney!!

David&Monica said...

oh i am sorry to have missed our visit! another family requested a switch of our tues appt time and we said ok (G's summer school does field trips on Tues and he was going to miss half of them). The only draw back......... I would miss you guys :-(

i am so happy about the homeschooling. It is going to be so great for all of you. A class of 6 will give so much more opportunity for 1:1! such a blessing you have this opportunity!

we will be going going to Marks July game in Crestwood hopefully you and the kiddos will be there too!

Marianne said...

You know, I was wondering if I could drop my four kids off with you for a couple of days! lol! You are very sweet to help out like that!

Courtney said...

I wondered when I didn't see you guys yesterday, Monica, but it was fine b/c we were in and out! LOL I will try to remember to email you Mark's schedule. I don't know if he's playing that game or not.

Courtney said...

Sure, Marianne, the more the merrier! LOL But I can only have 5 unrelated kids in the house unless I become a licensed daycare! :) :)

Tina said...

So if I rarely cook for my hubby and rarely give him clean clothes... um... not good! You're insanely awesome, Courtney!