Sunday, June 26, 2011


So apparently if you don't post for awhile, some kind of spambots take notice and start trying to spam your blog. I'm getting multiple spam comments a day.

I think it's a hint. :)

Without further ado, a brief update:

Hives: We had our first incident of hives. Although none of our kids have ever had hives, I recognized them pretty quickly. A sudden case of big red splotches seemed pretty clear cut. The problem was figuring out the cause. We had gone to the zoo over the weekend for Mark's work picnic, but we hadn't done anything unusual and the food was hot dogs and burgers, so nothing odd there. But nevertheless, Sunday night Emily was covered in splotches. I gave her some Benadryl and she was good in the morning, but then Tuesday afternoon they popped up again. After some Googling and a call to the pediatric nurse, we just kept giving her Benadryl. But no one had said how long to give it to her, so I gave it to her for 24 hours then stopped. Thursday afternoon she looked like this again:

After three more days of continual Benadryl, the hives seem to be cleared up. Still no exact idea as to what caused them, but we did pet the stingrays at the zoo and got splashed (dripping wet) by one of them, so it might have been something in the water. However, the kids and I went again this past Wednesday and she didn't have any problems, so...???

A birthday: Alex is 9! He had a great birthday and we've been talking a lot about being 9 and what that means for him. I think he's excited to be growing up. :)

Circus Flora: The kids LOVED the circus. I really hope we can make this an annual tradition. The newest girls were just in awe of everything they saw. I think the kids liked the dog act the best, but I really liked the jugglers.

I have pictures of Alex's birthday and the circus, but since I've already waited a week to post this hoping I could get to the other computer and add the pictures, I'm just posting without them!


Anonymous said...

heat maybe? I know a couple people who get hives like that from getting over heated.

Jane said...

We do Circus Flora every year. It's always a great outing!! I see you stoppeddoing the St Louis Cents. I relied on it for all kinds of things. Now I have to find them myself.....

Bethany said...

Sounds like you've been having fun this summer! I hate mystery hives. I hope you get it figured out. Or at least that it never happens again! Oatmeal baths can also help with the itching.

Anonymous said...

Courtney, I still keep checking your blog in hope that you will post. So happy everybody is doing well. will be waiting for a longer post about J and B's adjustment and PICTURES!!! )))) Lord bless you! Always have most fond memories of meeting you and Mark.

Anonymous said...

Have you switched laundry detergent or a sunscreen? My daughter gets hives from most sunscreens and when she was younger I needed to use the fragrance & dye free detergent. Maybe the bath soap or a new shampoo? Just a thought.

Marilyn H