Thursday, September 15, 2011

On strength

For Tim's birthday, Grandma and Grandpa O. got him a t-shirt and short set with a dinosaur on it. Tim loves them, and even more since Papa told him that that kind of shirt (without sleeves) is called a "muscle shirt".

Yesterday was Tim's day to help so he got to pick what we had for afternoon snack and then help me make it. He picked some butterscotch brownies from a cookie cookbook that we have. As I added the flour and the dough became more difficult to stir, he turned to me very seriously and said,

"You have to be strong to stir these cookies. It's a good thing I have my muscle shirt on since it makes me stronger."


MoserUpdates said...

That is too cute! Love those boys and their muscles.

Winnie said...

It's a good thing he didn't tell him that they are called "wife beaters" ha!