Saturday, September 10, 2011

This speaks volumes

It is ever so inappropriate for me to go nearly two months without posting, and then to only post a link. But I'm going to anyway. It speaks so eloquently as to life post-adoption. I am sure that some of you who click through and read it will think it's so nice we haven't had to go through any of that.


I do feel...fortunate? blessed? at how many issues we have not had. But however you look at it, none of our kids had an ideal start to life. All six of them were abandoned, some of them mere minutes after birth. Others were given the "opportunity" to love a parent who then rejected them later on.

How much does that hurt, to know you're not wanted?

Read Jen's after the airport story for a good look at life post-adoption for pretty much every adoptive family I know, domestic and international.


David&Monica said...

have missed you :-(

Jean said...

Great post--I hope everyone takes the time to read it.


David&Monica said...

So happy you are back!