Thursday, November 13, 2014

An day unexpected

Today Alex was being tested for growth hormone. We were told it would be a 1.5 hour test, but when we got here we found out it would actually be 5.5 hours! 

I am so grateful to Mark (and his coworkers) for him being able to have the morning off because three of the girls also had speech and occupational therapy this morning.

Oh, and the plumber came for the finish plumbing as we were leaving--while Mark  was at a dentist appointment. Does it seem like we're in a few too many places at one time? Kind of felt that way, too. 

So there was a little rearranging sine I wasn't planning on being at the hospital past lunch. Mark made lunch and brought it up and then went back to work. The other kids have been in the lobby while Alex did this:

The test made him really tired and he slept through most of it. It's almost 2 now and he's eating lunch. The test had the potential to make him sick to his stomach  and I am so grateful it didn't. Yay for being headed home!

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