Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What exactly does "hip" taste like?

Quite frequently, finding humor is the only thing that keeps me from breaking down during the day. Sometimes our multitude of special needs and appointments (current and future) get a little overwhelming.

Today, Emily had an appointment with her plastic surgeon. This was just a basic follow up but I wanted to ask him some detailed questions as her orthodontist is wanting to start her palate expansion in the next few months. This will make the hole in her palate bigger and I wanted to make sure I understand how all of this will work before we start the expansion.

While we were discussing the expansion, Emily's future bone graft came up. This will be a bone graft to fill in the missing bone in her jaw where her cleft is (left front of her mouth). This is something they will plan on doing around age 10, so in the next year or so. 

And it's a surgery...which is still a huge trauma trigger word for Emily so as soon as she heard that we couldn't discuss anything else. In the process of explaining it to her she asked where the bone would come from and we told her her hip. 

To which she replied: "Ewww, my mouth will taste like my hip!"

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Anonymous said...

Too funny, but so sorry she has to keep dealing with these surgeries! Praying for success and healing!