Friday, October 06, 2006

Contemplations of the cosmos

This is the picture that is currently on my computer desktop (the background) at work. You can find this picture and others like it at the Astronomy Picture of the Day hosted by NASA. The other day, I was stressing over some adoption paperwork. I had just finished sending some emails and had closed my web browser. The picture on my computer caught my eye. It looks so small and beautful, yet the galaxy pictured here is huge. I am a tiny insignificant speck compared to this galaxy. And God reminded me that there are things bigger than paperwork and worrying over small details. He will take care of getting our children to us. I need to sit back, relax, and do what He asks of me.


Laurel said...

Beautiful post and picture. Good point! But, it's okay to bitch about the paperwork and adoption're only human! :-)

Anonymous said...

you may be human to we humans, but that alien I see in the picture thinks you're kooky!