Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The logic of an almost 3-year-old

This post is really for Tonya, a friend of mine in GA who shares stories of her 4 boys on her blog. Through her I was introduced to "the rock game". The rock game is like the silent game, only you can't move or talk (because you're being a rock). Apparently Tonya's boys are big fans of this game, to see who can be a rock the longest. Inevitably, her youngest loses. :)

Last Friday night we babysat for a friend of ours who has a daughter, Kassidy. Kassidy will be three at the end of this month, and she is so much fun. (By the way, anyone in the St Louis area who wants babysitters, we're available. You won't find anyone with a more thorough background check...local, state, federal, plus visits to our home, full medical evaluations, reference letters. If you want well-screened babysitters, find someone who's adopting. *smirk*) So I was making dinner and I asked Mark to entertain Kassidy since I was working over the stove and didn't have anything at the moment she could help with. Mark decided to teach her the rock game. Kassidy lasted all of about 2 seconds before she moved. Mark tried to explain to her that she was supposed to be a rock, and asked "Do rocks move?" Her response? "Yes, when you sit on them." She has a point. If you sit on an unsteady rock or pile of rocks, they do move. Score one for the 3-year-old. :)

Mark has come down with the cold I had last week so he went to bed early last night. This gave me the opportunity I've been looking for (but absolutely dreading) to go through all of our adoption paperwork. At the beginning I was very good about filing everything and I kept a spreadsheet (it's actually an Excel workbook with multiple pages for expenses, timelines, etc.) so I would know when all of our documents expire, when the notaries expire, when the apostilles expire... ahem. Anyway, when Ukraine shut down I stopped keeping up with it, for hopefully obvious reasons, the main one being that everything would expire before we could get there. And it has. So last night I went through our paperwork binder and our dossier binder and transferred all of the paperwork into one much larger binder, in reverse necessity order (that would be the order in which we will need the documents, with all of the expired ones at the back). I can't throw anything out since many of our documents are good for a couple of years in the US, just not in Ukraine. I started a new sheet in the Excel workbook titled "dossier timeline #2". Let's hope we don't need any more sheets.


Laurel said...

At our house, we play "statues" instead of rocks. And, statues don't move when you sit on them! LOL. We learned the statue game from my 4-year-old's karate class. It works great. We also play the "no talk, no giggle" game in the car. We try to see who can go the longest without talking or giggling (when things are getting too loud). The kids point at each other, make faces, you name it trying to get the others to break, but it provides a couple minutes of quiet which I so badly need occassionally!

I can't wait for January to come and for your dossier to be registered. You guys have been through so much more than we went through. I want to celebrate with you when you FINALLY get your kids home.

And, your post about being the safest babysitter in town is funny. When we'd only been home from Uraine for a few weeks, my dad got diagnosed with colon cancer and needed emergency surgery. I had NO ONE to watch my three kids. I called a friend who I met on FRUA before we went to Ukraine. She lives here in town and she watched our girls so I could be at the hospital with my dad. My husband asked who had the girls and he had never met her and felt uncomfortable with the girls somewhere where he didn't know the family. I reassured him in the same manner, reminding him that they had just gotten home from Russia with a 2 year old, meaning they'd been through a gazillion background checks, etc.!!! He laughed at that and relaxed. Since then, we have watched each others kids many times. Gotta LOVE internet friends!

Tonya said...

HEY! The rock game is famous now!!!:):):) I'll have to tell Landon since he invented it (necessity is the mother -or father- of invention, ya know:)). Silas JUST NOW came in here and asked me if I would play a game with him and I said "how about the rock game?". He said "No, I only play that game with Daddy." Hmph!

And I must agree, 3 year old logic is classic.