Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend highlights

This weekend our church sponsored a marriage conference for the community. Leslie Vernick gave three seminars on building better relationships, both within a marriage and in relationships in general. All three sessions were wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to develop better relationships!

Saturday afternoon was the end-of-year picnic for Mark's vintage base ball team. We had a lot of fun spending time with the friends we've made from the team (as well as their families) and eating a lot of desserts.

The most exciting announcement by far is that three cyber-friends have appointments in Ukraine in the next few weeks! All three of these families have been registered with the adoption center since before everything shut down. They are finally getting to travel to find their children. I am so excited for them and looking forward to following their journeys!

If I sound a little blah, I am. I've been spending way too much time up late watching baseball. I really like watching baseball, but I don't usually bother. The games are so long and I hate to give up that much time when I could be doing something else. However, with the St Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship games and now in the World Series we've been inviting friends over to watch the games. It's not as bad as if we were on the east coast, but it does take its toll after a week of staying up too late. I guess I'm starting to show my age. ;)

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