Saturday, September 29, 2007

Plane tickets=done

Lately I've really been struggling with the financial aspect of our adoption. I think we have enough money, but what if we don't? And I worry about such things. So silly of me, as God was quick to point out. :)

We had identified the flights we wanted to take to Ukraine, one-ways from StL to JFK (New York), the JFK to Kyiv. Only one stop, so less chance to lose the luggage. And yes, I'm sure that statement will come back to haunt me. ;) Anyway, the flights were running over $500 per person. I had checked for a couple of weeks and they weren't changing at all, so I decided I would purchase them with our next paychecks, which was yesterday. So I got online and what do you know? The prices had DROPPED by over $100 each!! So we got both of our flights for under $1000 total (all taxes and fees). Then, as if God wasn't already saying "hello, I'm taking care of you!", we found out that a girl Mark had referred to his work has accepted a position and he will get a referral "bonus"!

I continue to be amazed at my own lack of faith. I know God is taking us to Ukraine--why can't I grasp that He's going to make everything possible? That doesn't mean we won't have struggles or problems in the process, but He's already got it all planned out. It gives me funny feelings to think that God already knows our children--exactly where they are, what they look like. Wow.

So we will be traveling to Ukraine on Dec 2 and arrive on Dec 3 (and we're trusting God with the luggage!). :)


Nataliya said...

Wow, isn't it great that the pricess had dropped? It's just awesome! We also need to take only 2 flights to get to Kiev - you are right, much less chances to lose the baggage. Did you book these 2 tickets separately? That's what we did, because only the first flight is one-way for us. Are you flying Delta by any chance?

Congratulations on the referral bonus! I'm sure it will come handy!

Dale Baker said...

Yay! Carole and I are so happy for you all. And it's exciting to hear about the little (big) answers to prayer and the assurances that God IS looking out for you and will take care of you. Pretty amazing stuff.

Leslie said...

Oh! Tickets! How exciting! God is so good in His patience towards us.

Tami said...

Isn't God good?! I'm having the same's so nice to know I'm not alone. ;) We're still working on the tickets, but are looking at the same dates and flights.

DoveFamily said...

What an awesome story! And doesn't it feel good to have one major item checked off the To Do list?!?!?

2 checks appeared in our mailbox yesterday: one we knew was coming but ended up being a lot more than we originally expected, and the other was a total surprise. It was some divided check that we had no idea we'd be getting... HIS timing is impeccable!

Leslie said...

We just purchased our tickets tonight. One ways out of JFK into Kiev. The prices dropped $40 each just since yesterday!