Friday, December 26, 2008

aka The Day We Learn That Dima Gets Altitude Sickness

The boys had really been hoping for snow when we got to Denver, but it was actually warm while we were there. We did have flurries for 10 minutes one day, but it wasn't even enough to coat the ground. So we thought we'd take the opportunity to see some real snow and take the boys up into the mountains.

Mark's brother volunteered to drive so the five of us set out for Loveland Pass (elev. 11,990 ft.). Pretty much as soon as we were at the base of the mountains Dima commented that his tummy hurt. I didn't think much of it--there'd been a lot of excitement (and food!) the day before so it didn't seem too concerning. We made it to the pass and got the boys all outfitted and headed up the steps to the overlook. Dima sat down partway up (it's about 10 steps) and refused to go any further, so we let him rest while we were on the overlook. We grabbed a picture at the sign and then headed back to the car. We had hoped to be able to play in the snow for awhile, but it was really cold and I didn't want the boys out there for more than a few minutes. We got back in the car and got the boys unlayered and Dima had "the look." I asked him if he was going to get sick and he said yes so Mark pulled him out of the car. He changed his mind but by the time he got back in the car I had a bag ready...and it was a good thing I did. He alternated between puking and sleeping all the way down the mountain (through Eisenhower Tunnel). By the time we were back in Denver, he had one more episode where he told me that his "tummy hurt" and he needed "to relax" (his words!) but he never threw up again after we were off of the mountains. And he was fine the entire rest of the trip.

So as for a family ski'll be awhile. :)


Tami said...

Poor little guy. That stinks! We had a few adjustments like that when we moved here last August. The kids had headaches...thankfully no upset tummys...but it wasn't too pleasant around here for the first week.

DoveFamily said...

Poor boy! I wonder if William would have issues with it, we've never had him in high altitude. He doesn't get car sick or anything, but you never know the one thing that might trigger it!

Courtney said...

It didn't bother Zhenya AT ALL--no headache, nothing. So William might be fine with it too. And being in Denver didn't bother either of the boys, just going up into the mountains! Some of the family asked if it might be motion sickness, but the boys have been on trains, buses, cars, boats, and planes with no motion sickness so I'm pretty sure it was just from the mountain. I'm really hoping he outgrows it. ;)