Wednesday, March 18, 2009


And yes, I'm practically screaming (inside, of course) with joy over this!!!

I just got a call from one of the speech therapists (SLPs) at Children's Hospital and insurance has APPROVED Dima's speech therapy!! This is such a blessing, especially because the pediatrician had told me on Friday that there was no way insurance would cover it (even though he supposedly wrote a letter of medical necessity in support of it!).

But we're COVERED for 90 visits per year! The plan is to stop OT while he's doing speech therapy. He's made great progress in OT but the speech therapy will be covering some of the same areas. The tentative, best-guess diagnosis is speech apraxia, and a lot of that involves the motor planning and sequencing that he's been working on in OT so there will be some overlap in the areas they are working on.

We're still working out scheduling, but I am jumping for joy over here. This has completely made my day! :) :) :)


Tami said...

WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! That's awesome! What a difference it will make! Maddie has made HUGE strides this year! :)

Debbie said...

What awesome news! I'm so glad to hear this. :-)

The Flying Eagle said...


Diana said...

Yeah!! It makes a huge difference to these kids to finally be understood and able to communicate effectively.