Friday, March 20, 2009

T-1 day for the big move

Yeah, late notice I know. We finally decided earlier this week that this weekend would be the best time for us to move. There were a number of factors going into that, but we aren't ready to move so we've been delaying the decision (in case you couldn't tell). I booked a moving truck yesterday which we will be picking up Saturday evening. We'll do as many trips as we can Saturday night with boxes and whatnot, and then the big furniture move will be on Sunday right after church (starting around 1-ish). If you're in the area and feel like picking up heavy stuff, feel free to stop by. ;)

I got all of the utilities switched back to our landlord's name yesterday. However, for some odd reason that even the customer service woman couldn't figure out, AT&T will not be able to turn our home phone on until April 30, so we will be without a home phone (and INTERNET!) until then. There is a Panera right down the road so I may be stopping for some IC Mochas (or whatever they call them now) and free wireless. I'm more excited about the excuse for an IC Mocha than the free wireless.

This is definitely the most disorganized we have ever felt for a move. Part of the reason is that we've spent so much time getting the big house ready that we haven't had time to pack. We spent a while last night doing that, but with both of us working full-time and spending every spare minute on the big house there is not much packed. The plan this weekend is to get the furniture and all other basics to the big house. I will finish moving the extras this next week while the boys and I are on spring break (and Mark is working lots and lots). We both hate moves where things are not packed--it is miserable on the movers (not the movees--not to be confused with movies...LOL...I haven't slept much lately in case you couldn't tell). So we apologize in advance for the chaos if you are coming to help us. We do have a game plan for the actual move that will hopefully keep it going smoothly.

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Tami said...

Its so exciting moving into a new place. Well, the living there part anyway...the process of moving kind of stinks. Hope it all goes well for you.
April 30th?! That's nuts. PLEASE stop in Paneras for that free wifi...oh, and eat a cinnamon bagel with hazelnut cream cheese for me, please. We don't have Panera's here in Grab-Your-Lasso. I have to drive an hour each way to get my Panera fix! :)