Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long days

After work and picking up the boys from school, I headed to the big house where I caulked a sink and backsplash, patched some cracks, and started removing wallpaper in the boys' room. Then after Mark was done (with his 10+ hour day) he went straight to the house and installed the pedestal sink and got all of the smoke detectors in the right places. I paid for the occupancy inspection yesterday, so Mark will be calling our inspector today to schedule a time for him to come out.

Today Mark will be at the big house all day. He's got to finish hooking up the pedestal sink (he was missing a necessary piece to connect the sink to the plumbing), put two more smoke detectors in (he needed batteries), patch the cracks in the boys' room and finish removing their wallpaper. Then he'll pick the boys up from school and when I'm done with work I'll go to the big house and paint the boys' room and the living room. Is it too early to go back to bed??


Tami said...

You're almost done. Well, not done, because who is ever done with an older home...but keep up the hard work. It is going to be SO worth it! :)

Lyndi said...

Oh my...I'm tired just reading about all the work you guys have been doing!! It looks like your almost to the move in point though!!

Diana said...

Whew! I'm tired, too! And I thought dejunking and scrubbing my kitchen was a lot of work!! Good luck with all your projects.