Thursday, May 13, 2010

Date night

Last night Mark and I went on a real, live date.

I can hear the gasps of shock. :) :)

Mark had a drawing at work for some Cardinals tickets. He didn't win, but the girl who did gave him her tickets and insisted that we go on a date. We found a babysitter and went to the ballgame last night.

It was great!

The weather was perfect--the storms they were predicting never appeared and it was a perfect temperature. We were just to the left of home plate and only a few rows off of the field. I had fun getting to actually sit and talk to Mark instead of spending time fielding questions from the kids. Instead, I asked him lots of questions. I know baseball, but there's all of these little rules that make no sense to me whatsoever. Why should you have to wait to run if someone hits the ball? That's just silly. And why can't baseball players run fast?

Anyway...the Cardinals were down 9 to 5 at the top of the eighth (which was a great improvement over the 9 to 1 after the top of the sixth!), so I leaned over and suggested we sneak out and go get some ice cream. However, they did a quick up and down in the bottom of the eighth and then managed to pull in one more run in the bottom of the ninth so we stuck it out to the end (they still lost, obviously, but it was entertaining).

Then we went to Ted Drewes (on Grand, mind you). :) I had a hot fudge sundae with marshmallow creme. I'm sure you're very interested but it was absolutely delicious. ;)


Tina said...

That's great. Date nights are important. So glad you had a fun night! Ice cream makes almost everything better.

Winnie said...

Sonny Boy would be so jealous, he's begging to go to a Cardinals game. Date nights are so great to refresh yourself and feel like an adult and not just mom for a change.

Christine said...

Your so sweet Courtney to go to a ball game and think of it as a date. I am not sure I would be as happy about spending my night out doing this. :)