Sunday, May 16, 2010

Updated "Dirty House"

Updated pictures of the "Dirty House" Plumbing is in! HVAC is close. Electric should be done this week. 1st floor ceiling is dropped. New windows go in on Thursday, all 17 of them.

Basement - where the furnace was and will go again

First Floor - from kitchen through dining room to living room
(lowered ceiling here)

First Floor - from living room through dining room to kitchen and back door
(lowered ceiling here)

Second Floor - from second bedroom into bath with master bath beyond, then closet then master bedroom

Second Floor - from master bath, then second bath into second bedroom


Winnie said...

Are you going to move into "Dirty House" when it's finished or is it an investment project?

Just curious being the veteran of numerous house projects I can't imagine 4 kids, two jobs, and two old houses.

Courtney said...

Originally, that was the plan. We had hoped to make it a 3 BR, 2.5 bath. But after talking with the architect we were only able to make it into a 2BR, 2.5 bath. Since bringing the girls home, it's no longer an option so we will be selling it once it's done. Need a house? ;)

Tracey Sharp said... you guys do the work yourselves? We do everything in our house. Its alot of fun and currently we have the last and final bedroom gutted!! Still hard to believe we actually have 9 bedrooms! I bet it will look awesome when its done!!!