Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I love being at home

Yesterday, due to forces out of my control, I had a day off of work. All of the big kids went to school and I went ahead and sent Emily to preschool as I knew she'd be very bored at home by herself. She loves her preschool classroom and is a friend to all. :)

Consequently, I got lots done. :) :) I painted the bathroom, went to Sams, painted the front fence (well, half of it), did laundry, went to the bank...and lots of little things that take about 10 times longer with "small" interruptions. ;)

It was very refreshing to be at home and we had a good evening at home, too. During dinner we were talking about Ukraine (actually a common topic for us--the boys never talked about it before we brought the girls home, but now they seem to understand that it's okay to talk about it) and Tim was asking me if I'd always live with him. In the middle of our discussion about how old he was going to be (and still living with me), Alex pipes up with "I'm going to get a pickup truck. A big one." Then proceeded to keep eating. I was giggling as I said "Oh, really?" "Yep, for $18." "Oh, you'll definitely still be living with me then!"

Today I'll be back at work. I still need to get the other half of the fence painted--I'm hopeful that can happen this evening!

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