Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer camp and Alex

Monday when I picked the boys up, their schedule had changed and instead of going swimming they had stayed at the school and had stations (which turned out to be good because apparently I forgot to send shorts with them for after swimming!). For stations they rotate through different "stations" (clever, I know) like cooking, videos, Bible, sports, and arts and crafts.

When I picked them up, Tim and Alex were trying to explain to me what they had made in cooking. It smelled like funnel cakes, but Tim kept telling me it wasn't funnel cakes but he couldn't remember the name of what they had made.

Fast forward a few hours...right before dinner, Alex started complaining that his head hurt. I told him if he didn't feel good he could sit down on the couch or if he wanted he could go to bed. He decided to go to bed so he went upstairs to put his pajamas on. When I went up to turn his AC on and tuck him in he decided he was feeling better and came downstairs to dinner.

And then promptly went in the bathroom and threw up.

That's not unusual for him if he's dehydrated (although it usually happens in the mornings) so I didn't think much of it and he came back and sat down and ate dinner. As soon as he was finished with dinner, he said his head still hurt and asked to be excused to go to bed.

After he had left the table, Tim and I were still trying to piece together what they had made for snack at summer camp.

"You know, it's long, like this...and has cream inside?"

A Twinkie?

"Yeah! A Twinkie! And we put it in the oil, and we turned it like this and it turned brown, and then we put lots of sugar on it and ate it!"

Oh yes they did. They had fried Twinkies for snack. I started laughing so hard, because all at once it was crystal clear as to why Alex didn't feel good. They had fried Twinkies for afternoon snack and then spent the next hour and a half running around playing soccer in the gym. I'm impressed he didn't throw up earlier.

He's been fine the rest of the week, although he did tell me today that fried Twinkies aren't good for you. I'm guessing he won't be eating any more of those for awhile. ;)


Jane said...

I have never eaten (or even seen) a Twinkie, but they sound disgusting. Glad I have never been offered one that's been fried....

E said...

Really? At the cooking station they went with fried twinkies? I mean there are so many other choices - that cracks me up! I am with you, I am surprised he did not throw up sooner!