Friday, July 02, 2010


Our bedwetter is back in pullups.

At the end of the school year I was flat-out exhausted, and only sleeping in 3-4 hours chunks was not helping. Since we seemed to be at a standstill with the BW alarm and had a good supply of pullups left, we decided to go back to the pullups for the summer and try again in the fall. This will let our BW's body have a chance to grow a little bit more and give all of us a break from the interrupted sleep. :)

At first when we went back to the pullups, the BW was staying dry quite a bit. But then he started being wet a lot more. After Mark questioned him about it he confessed that he was not bothering to get up and go to the bathroom because he could just pee in his pullup.

After a little notification that when these pullups are gone we will not be buying anymore and he will be back to changing his sheets in the morning, he has miraculously been dry nearly every night...and has been getting up to go to the bathroom during the night!

Amazing what a little motivation will do...


Tami said...

Sorry to hear about the struggle, but so glad to hear the BW has been able to make the necessary changes. ;) We certainly understand where you're coming from on THIS issue. Thankfully we seem to have been able to, if not beat it, definitely control it. Finally. It's been a long, hard struggle.

Anonymous said...

that's hard - you really need to get your rest! good idea to give yourself a break for the summer. hopefully he'll have it figured out on his own soon!