Monday, December 13, 2010


"Mama, why can't we see anything on the ground?"

Because the snow is covering it.

"Oh, and the snow comes from above and covers it?"


"'Cause nothing could come from below and cover things, right, Mama?"


Our sin. Jesus coming. Covering our sins from above. Who knew snow could inspire such theology?

That which is below cannot cover up--cannot blot out--the stains we possess. No matter how we dig to find something to cover us, unless it comes from above... does not cover.


Tina said...

Your child's winter theology rules. Thanks for the perspective.

Anonymous said...

Courtney--I just got an e-mail from you that included your Blogspot blog address and it claimed you were stranded in the UK, robbed, and needed people to send money.

Seems like an obvious fraud but wanted to alert you to it so none of your contacts would be ripped off. The e-mail comes from you directly and, like I said, it includes your blogspot address.

Missy and Kevin said...

Hey. I am messaging you here because I am unsure about sending anything through your email. I received an email from you today saying you were stranded in London and needed money...I knew it wasnt you but wanted to let you know what happened. You have my email so just let me know. Sorry!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Jeff and Missy. I caught it pretty quickly but it's still a pain, and they changed the password on one of my accounts so that one is now locked. Hopefully there shouldn't be any more weird emails going out!

The McGowans said...

Beautiful insight and comparison! Love it when we recognize where life mirrors theological reality.