Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SPAM email

I apologize to those of you who received a spam email from my account. I can assure you that I am NOT in London and that even if I was I would not want to get on a plane in the next 24 hours as I currently have a head cold. :)

I have locked the account in question and have changed the passwords on my other accounts so hopefully I'll be able to stem the tide of spam, but I do apologize.

I'm beyond irritated that someone finds it necessary to waste their time creating things that waste other peoples' time.

The account that was compromised was one of the main accounts I use for my Reece's Rainbow volunteer work, so not only has this shut down my email but has caused complications with other things I do.

*sigh* Grrrr....

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Tina said...

It is seriously sad that people would be this annoying and abusive. I was once logged into Facebook and one of my friends started instant messaging me, telling me that she was in the UK, that she got mugged, and needed money. It seemed real, but I later confirmed that it was a hacker. Scary and disturbing stuff. Sorry that happened to you!