Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another fun weekend

This past weekend was my company's annual gala. It's always black-tie optional, so since Mark already owns a tux (from teaching/conducting) he wore that and I wore a long black velvet dress with very pale pink emboridery. And sparkles. ;) I decided to splurge this year and I went and had my hair and makeup done by a wonderful girl at a salon just across the river in Illinois. She did a fantastic job and I felt so beautiful! I'm thinking I may have to make that a tradition, especially since I hadn't had my hair done since we were married! I'm hoping to post pics at some point but we didn't take our camera so I've got to wait until we get pics from everyone else.

I had an interesting thought while I was getting my hair done. It took her 45 minutes to curl my hair (it's pretty long right now) and when she was done I thought 'okay, looks great!'. And I would have been willing to stop there. But she had a bigger vision for what it could look like, and when she was all done it looked even better than I could have imagined (or done myself!). I had the thought that that's often how I view God's plan for my life. I get to a point and think 'this is great, we can stop here' but He has an even bigger, better plan than I can dream of, and I have to be patient and wait for Him to reveal that. Just like having my hair done, it takes time to get every piece of the plan in place, and time for me to become who I need to be. Sometimes I get so impatient and want to be done now--to know the final version of who I am becoming and the ways God desires to use me. But I know that when I wait I will see an even more beautiful plan and my place in it, and in the meantime, I do my best to serve Him where He has placed me.

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Waitingonmyua2 said...

Awesome insight on the hairdo! It is amazing how our God, who knows even the number of hairs on our head, can use every day experiences to speak to our spirits, isn't it? I cannot WAIT to see a picture! I hope you'll post one (or email me a copy) soon! Miss you! Beth