Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter all around

I did NOT eat the raisins!! :) (other than the first couple I tried only to discover that they were crunchy)

We had the big ice storms here last week, but it seems like a lot of areas got hit much worse than St Louis. My mom, aunt and uncle, and granddad are still without power, and the electric companies are predicting it may be another week before they get all of it restored.

I started my new workout resolution yesterday. I worked out at our work fitness center and then did some low-key Pilates in the evening to help stretch out my muscles before I went to bed. I woke up this morning with nary a sore muscle (I'm building everyone's mid-19th century vocabulary) but I'm starting to feel it now. I'll be working out again in a bit and hopefully that will loosen things up, not make me unable to walk tomorrow.

The best thing about being done with my degree is being able to go home and sew at night. And yes, I know people my age do not sew. But I do, and I love it. I'm currently working on a hoop skirt for reenacting this spring and summer. It's almost finished--I think I need one to two more evenings to get it done.


Tonya said...

Ahhh, my mid-19th century friend. If only we could find ourselves a time machine... sigh.

I'm a few years older than you are, but I sew, and crochet and I try to knit every once in a while. And I played French Horn for a few years too, but I remember nary a thing about it except B flat and A.

And I buy my hair clippers at Wal-Mart (you asked a few weeks ago and I forgot to answer until now - sorry)

jimmy said...

Go Horns!

French horns that is..

You should ask Rob about his ab routine! It's wicked. I've only done it once and that was 8 months ago. I still feel it.