Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Does anybody know if raisins go bad? I'm not even going to tell you how long I've had them, but they're crunchy. Not like dried-out-crunchy, more like crystallized-crunchy. They taste okay, but the texture's a little weird. :)

So...what's been happening with us? No, we did not lose power during any of the last few ice storms to hit St Louis, which is pretty impressive since we live in the city and we have Ameren (the electrical company who keeps getting in trouble because they lose power). However, as Mark pointed out, we lost all of the trees in the July storms AND got all new electrical lines then. See, it pays to be without power for a few days if it means you don't lose it again. :) Our lights didn't even flicker the whole weekend. Unfortunately, not true for many of our friends who live in the suburbs.

Not too much different has been happening the last couple of weeks, but here's a quick summary:
--No news on the adoption front, but we won't have much to report on that until the middle of February when we redo our medicals. So I'll keep you posted, but it won't be for awhile.
--My sister came up two weekends ago and had lunch with us. It was great to get to see her! We don't see each other a lot and it was good to reconnect for a few hours.
--We've started rehearsals for the Wash U medical school spring musical. Last year a bunch of students decided to put on a musical and it was a smashing success with "Guys and Dolls". This year we're doing "Damn Yankees". The cast has been rehearsing since the fall, but the pit orchestra just started. The music is a TON easier than the music for G&D, and we've got a lot of the same people back from last year. We had a blast in the pit last year (although we don't actually have a pit and last year the drum set was on the stage...) and it's great to see everyone again. Mark is once again conducting and I'm playing french horn with the possibility of clarinet on a few songs--we're still working out some instrumentation.
--This past weekend we received free tickets to see "Dancing with the Stars" on tour. It was awesome!! I don't watch the TV show at all, but it was so much fun to watch live and the cast seemed to have a lot of fun with it.


jimmy said...

Can you imagine how old those raisins are? Now count how many days it was a grape. Wow! Those are ancient! and gross!

Don't eat them!

Waitingonmyua2 said...

Courtney - I'm with Jimmy. Don't eat the raisins! LOL

I didn't know you were musical! Something else we have in common. My most recent role believe it or not: Miss Hannigan in "Annie." Community theatre.