Friday, March 23, 2007

Apostilles today

Today we will be taking all of our documents minus one to be apostilled. We're waiting on that HS addendum still, but it should be in the mail and we will most likely receive it tomorrow. Mark will have that one apostilled when he picks up the other finished apostilles on Monday. The Secretary of State office will also notarize (for free!) any documents that you are having apostilled, so our letter of intent, letter of obligation, power of attorneys, and certification of BCIS will all be signed there today, notarized, and then apostilled. What an efficient process--I love being in a large city that has these things available!! I know many people have to drive, sometimes a few hours, to deal with all of their paperwork.

Neither of us have slept much the past few nights. Mark's been working on projects/papers for school, and I've done the taxes and our Ukraine paperwork. AND I've been baking bread. Not just any bread, friendship bread. I had never made friendship bread before, but one of Mark's classmates gave us a starter. You grow the starter and then divide it into 4 new starters plus you make 2 loaves of bread with the remaining batter. Great, until you leave for vacation for a week. :) We had a friend of ours who was watching the house monitor our starter, but then when we got back it was time to divide it. We didn't have time to pass it out, so we grew 4 more starters. I did some research and found out you can actually bake the bread directly from the first starter (you don't need to do the grow and divide), so I've been baking loaves and passing them out to the neighborhood. By the time I finish, I will have made 28 loaves from this one batch of starter. I know the math is weird--I gave a couple of starters away and made loaves from the rest. Of course, I still have 10 loaves to go. :)


Julie said...

I love friendship bread! You're not going to believe this, but I was just commenting to Jamie a few nights ago about that stuff. I had it a few years ago and actually got tired of it because we had so much of it. I'm craving it now!

Tonya said...

Is it Amish friendship bread??? I love that stuff! I had a starter, but I killed it years ago. Sigh.

I am anxiously awaiting the submission of your updated dossier to the SDA! Hurry up!!!:):):)