Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rose-colored glasses

I now know why I love the pink tile that covers 3/4 of the surface area of our bathroom. Less wall to paint!! Yes, I painted the bathroom this weekend. I still have a little bit of touching up to do, but it is almost done. And don't even ask what color I painted it--when there's that much pink a room, the only option is white. We literally have pink tile on the floor, pink tile 2/3 up three walls, a pink tub, and a pink tile tub surround. When you're talking about a 6'x5' space, that's a lot of pink. But, like I said, less to paint. :)

The weekend was pretty typical for us, with a few curves thrown in. Mark had his first vintage base ball practice of the season on Saturday after rehearsal for the musical. Saturday night we went to a game night at our church and Mark learned how to play canasta and we both learned how to play something without a name that involves a die and a pencil. You start with a pencil on the table and each person playing gets a blank sheet of paper. Someone starts by rolling the die and then passing it to the next person. If you get a one or a six, you pick up the pencil and start writing the numbers 1 2 3... Whoever gets to 100 first wins. BUT, the die is still going around the table, and when someone else gets a six or a one, they steal the pencil from you and work on writing to 100. So the idea is to write as fast as possible, but the numbers have to be legible. NOTE: this is not particularly good for any handwriting skills. :) Our pastor and his wife taught us this game, and the great thing is that you can play it anywhere, and the rules are so simple anyone can play and catch on really quickly.

Sunday after church Micah and Tiffany dropped me off at home while Mark volunteered. When Mark got home the four of us went on a 2-mile hike through the neighborhood. There have been a lot of new businesses opening up around us, and we found some new coffee shops and antique stores we want to check out.

Last night we gave blood for a church/Red Cross blood drive. This was the first time I've given blood in the bloodmobiles. I think I prefer the chairs at the actual Red Cross centers. Regardless, it went fine and hopefully they will be able to use our contributions.

We're still waiting on our HS update, but I think that and the marriage license are it, and then we can send everything to Ukraine!

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Jane said...

My friends have a pink tile bathroom, they painted the walls turquoise and it looks great!!!!